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I read your whole book on the weekend. I simply couldn’t put it down.
I was touched various times, outraged at others. I felt pain, I felt love, I felt anger, I felt compassion, and, among all these mixed feelings, I got more and more enchanted with your strength, with the wonderful children that you brought into this world, with the wisdom with which Alê fought this battle, with your sensitivity, and your LIGHT.
I was enchanted by the way you transcended your pain, and saw beyond, and by how you raised such deep questions about humanity, and the importance of our truly connecting ourselves with each other in order to build a better world where we wish to live.
Thank you for sharing with the world your light, wisdom, your sensibility, and, above all, YOUR LOVE!!
A gentle kiss for you,

Alexandra Leal Passos Sanchez, 


I bought the book at the airport with no indication of anyone, just saw the title and remembered my daughter who wants to be a doctor and will make college entrance in December. I boarded the plane on a 3 hours flight, I read the whole book with the hope that Alê could be recovered. When I reached the end I was in tears on the plane and the flight attendant asked if I was okay, then I replied: “I miss Alê without even having known him in person.”
It was the most beautiful book I have ever read in my entire life.
God bless you dear Alê, because you are special!

Ana Bertina Corrêa Silva

I must say how touched I was by your book! Congratulations on the clear way you told us this course of your life, and so abounding with noble feelings. In my entire life, I do not remember having cried so much, and, at the same time, having thought so much about the meaning of life, about unconditional love, and why not, about death. I shall never forget the lessons of life that our great “Little Doctor”, Alê, taught us! I will keep the book, and make it my bed-side-table book, for, to me, this is a story of life, of starting over again, of learning, and, above all, of love.
Big hug,

Conceição Soares Pimentel


I have just finished reading “Your Little Doctor” (ref. The Little Doctor ). I read it slowly, because the knot in my throat and the rolling tears didn’t allow me to go on reading all at once. With your book, with your dear Alê, and with you, I remembered the importance of living out fully all the minimal details of life. I have a son I love very much, and you have taught me things about parent-children relationships that I preserve with great respect and gratitude. I would have loved to meet this wonderful human being that Alexandre was. But do you know what? Each word and reference to him is as if he had been part of our lives. This testimonial and your courage make Alê live for ever in every one of us.
Thank you so much for sharing your story with us.
Biggest hug.

Carlos Gonçalves

I watched your interview in the programme “Companhia das Manhãs”, and couldn’t resist buying your book right away, despite the emotional strain I could feel it would be to read. Your report is beautiful considering the drama you experienced… each phrase made me think, and look at life in a different way, and kiss my daughter even more. I cried copiously, I can’t deny it, but I kept every word as a great lesson for life.
I send you a little kiss, and I shall keep the book, in the hope of getting an autograph from you some day… from a great mother that you are, and were to Alê, and a great example to me.

Celia Silva


To Graziela and her family, my brotherly embrace. It was fascinating read and touching!! Was awaiting shipment in Fortaleza airport after a week of work, when the title of this book won me over immediately. During the four-hour journey between Fortaleza and Curitiba, there were rare moments of deep emotion I felt. Graziela you are a great example to us all. Alê, you was fantastic!!

José Renato Silva


I thought it was fantastic the way you managed to express all your struggle, your courage, your suffering, and more than this – your love for your family. I thank you for the opportunity of my reading the story of your life – which is the story of so many other mothers/ fathers/ brothers/ grandparents who, nevertheless, remain unknown – this book teaches us a lot, among other things what a great Argentinean doctor, Dr René Favaloro once said during an interview: \”La medicina sin humanismo médico no debe ser ejercida\” (Medicine without a medical humaneness should not be practiced). Thank you, and God be with you.

Stephanie White


I have just read. I laughed, learned, and cried a lot with “Little Doctor”. I laughed and learned with the phrases, with little Alê’s presence of mind. In the Portuguese language, there is no single word that translates what I would like to pass on, what I am feeling. Since I am a doctor, I learned a lot with Alê; It reinforced something I learned at home and with a couple of professors- to listen and value the patient – and I am proud of that. I could see how important it is.
Big hug,

Dr. José Carlos Junior Dias


I admire you for your capacity to rebuild your life, for the beauty of passing on the painful experience you went through to so many of us, who feel so singular when, actually, we are simply ordinary and common in our finitude.

Eliana Caminada


I was really deeply touched not only by your words, so full of love for life, but also for my having gotten to know little wise warrior Alê. I am sure that should Plato not have asked General Laqués what braveness was, but, rather, have had the chance of witnessing Alê’s attitude in the face of his illness, he would have known perfectly well.
While reading, there were moments when I cried, moments when I laughed, and moments when I reflected a great deal. I wanted to say that I learned a lot with your attitude of re-signifying terrible pain into an inexhaustible struggle.
To me, you are truly admirable.
A big bear hug for you,

Raquel E. Saldivia


The energy that you pass on to people; this wish of yours to live life as it comes is contagious.
Big kiss,

Patricia Leone

“Commotion” and “Reflection” are the two adjectives that best describe what the reading of “The Little Doctor” has provoked me.
Thank you for your personal statement, Dr Gilioli.
With very best wishes.

Dr. João Anacleto


You have taken the best out of your experience of life. You had the generosity of not keeping what you went through all to yourself. You have passed it on to people that are already affected by similar issues, or are simply sensitive and human to the point of allowing themselves to be touched by this experience.
You dignify and enrich the Academy for Gifted and Talented (Academia de Sobredotados do Instituto da Inteligencia de Portugal).
You are truly special.
A kiss for you,

Hilton Milnitzky


I read your book on the same day that I received it, and I must say that it captured me by the way you describe the painful phase you and your children experienced. It was something that touched me tremendously. You rigorously write every detail, every moment, every emotion, every sorrow. It is a testimonial book and, at the same time, a tribute to your children, which enhances the love of a mother and of the wonderful human being that you most certainly are. As a father of 4 children (two of whom are twins), I could not have been more impressed by your Little Doctor!
I congratulate you as an author and mother. To write it was an act of courage.

Dr. Nelson S. Lima


Congratulations on your work, and on the acknowledgement you received from the Academy for the Super Gifted of the Intelligence Institute in Portugal (Academia de Superdotados do Instituto da Inteligência de Portugal).
You are really one of these super gifted persons!
Best wishes,

Dr. Içami Tiba


Grazi, my dear friend, I loved this site, it is beautiful and chic as you are. I’m your number 1 fan. From the first day I met you I admired you for your strength to face your life – so difficult after what happened with Ale. Unfortunately this disease sucks, I know how it is. But you were capable to get back to life, back to school, you wrote a book, became a lecturer! Really, you are a great example for me, I love you very much and I support you.
Your friend always,

Noia Carolina


I would like to thank you for the morning of May 12; I was present at the lecture you gave to the nursing department at the HRAC Center in Bauru. Your son clearly fulfilled his mission in life with the simplicity of a child, but with the intelligence of a master.
My heart goes out to you.

Roseli Aparecida Pizzo


It was a great pleasure to meet you! I found your site very interesting, a beautiful job really. Owing to my experience in life, I fully understand what you mean when you say: “… living in such a way so that the human dimension is more present.” I also believe that this is the beginning of the solution for many of the world’s problems.
Warmest regards,

Lupercio Machado Neto


Big kiss, Congratulations on your infinite goodness, and for having offered us so much courage. You are wonderful!!

Raquel Ylamas Vasques


When I finished reading your book, I walked around the house murmuring ‘…what? Do I complain? … Do I complain?… What do I complain about?’ It touched me deep inside, truly. I think it was the strength of reality that shook me so much.
Accept my congratulations on your frank way of telling a tragedy which, with your touch of magic, you were able to transform into a fine literary work of art.
Most sincerely, and kisses,

Henrique Mutti


Congratulaions on your book and on all your effort in the pursuit of a more humanistc kind of medicine.
The benefits will be everybody’s, including the doctors themselves…to improve the doctor-patient-family relationship.
Warmest regards,

Dr. Marcelo Netto


You were most appropriate in your loving-holding-mother story, totally devoted and fan number one of darling captivating Alexandre who was able to cast his light onto these difficult paths we have throughtout our lives.
A beautiful message of love that deserves being known by us all.
All your love and appreciation,

Lila Martins


Thank you for your participation in such an important issue as is the humanization of medical practice. Tecnological medicine is good and necessary but the attention, the contact and trust that must established between patient, family and medical team is fundamental.
Best regards,

Luiz Paulo Kowalski 


Congratulations! There is no other way of beginning this e-mail other than this one.
I was at the Galeão Airport in Rio de Janeiro, waiting for my flight to Bahia, where I had been invited to give two lectures for a seminar for the Sociedade Brasileira de Administração em Oftalmologia (SBAO – Brazilian Society of Ophthalmology Management) on May 25 and 26 this year. I had been invited on behalf of the Associação Nacional de Hospitais Privados (ANAHP – National Association of Private Hospitals), a representative entity of differentiated hospitals in Brazil, of which I am one of the vice-presidents.
As I routine, I went to the bookstore of the airport, and there was your ‘Little Doctor’. Although I am not a doctor, since I was born into, and grew up in a health environment, the title called my attention, so I decided to buy it. It has become my inseparable companion ever since. I could not stop reading… or being deeply moved by sheer emotion. At times, I cried, and at others, I stupidly choked down my tears for I was in a public domain. I cried for a dedicated mother who, despite my not knowing her, touched my soul. I cried for the going astray of the non-humanized paths of medicine. Even without knowing you, I admired the way you lived through it all, and dedicated yourself to your dear Alexandre, our ‘Little Doctor’, and by the courage of going through it all again to write this book. You show us the importance of fully enjoying the unique relationship with our children, and make us feel the infinite dimension of the love of parents towards their children.
I have been working in the health field for 15 years, which is why I was so interested in your book. In some of the passages, you give us a contribution that transcends your desire to write to Marcelo and to us. I found myself thinking about how much you, as a mother and companion of a patient, have to contribute towards rescuing the doctor-patient relationship, so frightfully forgotten today. Little Alexandre, by the way, endowed with a great deal of wisdom knew this already. Medicine has become somewhat anonymous – which is unacceptable – if we base ourselves on the premise that it should be dependent upon relationships of confidence between doctors and patients in the first place. I cannot help thinking that you touch on this very important matter.
I imagine how useful your participation could be at medical meetings, as you pass on what you have experienced. Noone more than you could contribute with reflections upon how the paths of medicine have gone astray. After all, although I am not a graduated doctor, in essence, your Alexandre has proved to know more about the role of a doctor than great part of doctors today. Alexandre has proved, in fact, to be a ‘little, nevertheless great doctor’.
With very best wishes,

Adriano Londres


You have managed to transform a story of disease, death and suffering into a celebration of love and life, a beautiful tribute to your son.

Julia Mainard


I loved it that you put the name of each one of the nursing, physiotherapy and nutrition teams in your final acknowledgements. Many times, they have more importance for the patient than the doctors, often not as skilled in the contact with patients.
I worked for 8 years in the Hospital das Clínicas, and I have been working for 11 years with patients with positive serum for AIDS, and, I must say, it is sometimes a battle to deal with doctors. I remember myself at Incor, literally chasing a doctor, rushing down the stairs with him, trying to make him listen to me regarding the emotional functioning of a patient he was seeing, and he didn’t take the trouble to stop and listen to what I had to say. I noticed then that unfortunately he wouldn’t stop to listen to his patients’ anguishes, fears and opinions either. Whoever is afraid of people could never be a doctor, don’t you think so?
God bless you, and I’ll be seeing you around,

Dulce Parciasepe Rengel


Yesterday, after your evening of autographs, when I was in bed already, I began reading the prelude of your book… I could never have imagined what was going to happen to me. At exactly 1:05 am, I had finished reading the entire book, and was able to share with you this avalanche of emotions that meant Alexandre’s departure.
It’s very hard Gra, when we notice that we are hiding ourselves behind all this technological paraphernalia, of every mask we have been trained to wear in order to try and escape a little from this enormous suffering. You may be sure that many of us pour out our hidden tears in the changing rooms of the surgical theater, in the ‘doctor’s comfort’ of the ICU, and in yet other secret places in order to hide our impotence before situations such as that of your little doctor.
I admire the way you faced it all. You are an illuminated young lady, who made Alexandre, Marcelo and all those who went through it all to have their suffering diluted with a huge dose of love.
Thank you so much for showing this ‘other side’ of my day-to-day life.
Congratulations on your courage, and on that strong character of yours,
Big kiss,

Mario Guarnieri


I feel grateful for your altruism in allowing me to share this experience, at the same time strong and painful. I noticed how I have endeavored to escape from such sharing on various occasions, simply because I do not want to believe in death. This immortality syndrome that has an amazing hold on us, human beings, despite all the evidence proving the contrary.
You have brought me closer to the human condition, to what is imponderable and to impermanence. What most impressed me in your story was your constant emotional balance to deal with your sons, and with your internal processes in the face of everything that was happening.
In no moment of my reading your story did I fall into self-pity; it is crystal clear, in the right measure. And at the same time, immensely touching. This giving of yourself, in an unconditional and boundless way is wonderful and of great lyricism so that it makes me review what it is to truly be a mother. I am happy for Marcelo and for Alexandre. Mothers with such a dimension are rare.
I believe that ‘Little Doctor’ is going to help a lot of people, regardless of whether they are passing through these same situations. It is impossible to get to the end of the book without a reflection about yourself and about life.
I send you my most tender wishes. It is with great pride that I share this time in your life.

Lismaria Sampaio Assunção