Lecture: “Patient, family and assistance team: living through terminal care”
Organization : Dr Claudio Sakurada
USP – University of São Paulo


24/03/2009 02/11/2008
Lecture: ” The Convergence of multiplurality ”
Organization : Dr Betisa Malaman
UNIP – Universidade Paulista School of Psychology


Lecture: ” Dialogues with Death ”
Coordination: Dr Franklin Santana Santos
Faculty of Medicine, University of São Paulo (USP )


25/10/2008 17/10/2008
Lecture: “Education: Dialectics between the humanist perspective and the technological perspective“
Organization: Dr Ricardo Monteiro
Institute of Intelligence of Portugal


Lecture in honor of the day of physicians
Event chaired by Dr. Claudio Luiz Lottemberg -  President of the Brazilian Israeli Beneficent Society of the Albert Einstein Hospita and coordinated by Dr. Miguel Cendoroglo
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Lecture: “The learning that comes from the patient ”
Organization: Dr Thais Blucher
School of Medical Sciences of Santa Casa de São Paulo
Department of Psychiatry and Medical Psychology


Lecture: ” What the patient and family physicians expect from doctors ”
Organization: Dr Ana Claudia Arantes
Casa do Cuidar – Practice and Education in Palliative Care


Lecture: ” The relationship between professionalism and human dimension in situations of loss ”
Organization: Dr  Maria Irene Bachega and Dr Cassiana Mendes Bertoncello Sources
Hospital for Rehabilitation of Craniofacial Anomalies ( USP )


29/03/2008 01/10/2007
Lecture: ” The Little Doctor – A family narrative”
Organization: Dr  Regina Szylit Bousso
School of Nursing – Nipples – Center for Interdisciplinary Research on Loss and Bereavement


Lecture:  “The patient-doctor relationship”
Organization:  Dr Thais Blucher