The “Flexible Minds” Project


“Flexible Minds” was conceived as from the repercussion of the book ‘Little Doctor” among doctors of various specializations, including psychiatry, oncology, pediatrics, obstetrics, urology, etc. as also among executives, entrepreneurs, liberal professionals, and artists.

“Flexible Minds” intends to share the idea that we can conceive our personal and professional life from different perspectives – that we always have the option of living in such a way that a human dimension is more present. Finding a new way of doing the same things makes us ever more human.

History has often shown us that new ways of thinking give rise to resistance and discomfort on the part of those not yet in line with these new forms of thinking and acting. Nevertheless, one must understand that human development is irreversible, and impels us towards a world of greater interconnectivity with other cultures, with more commitment between human beings, and more transparency in political, economic, social, professional, and personal relationships. This is the trend in today’s world, which forces professionals of all specializations to review their standards of behavior, and to be open to new forms of questioning.

Technology – as ubiquitous as it is today – has considerably narrowed the distance between that which is “lay” and that which is “scientific”, and has broken through boundaries of human knowledge, so that these limits are evermore tenuous. Unattainable knowledge and irrefutable explanations are given less space, and are becoming more and more rare.

An example of this change is the relationship between doctor and patient. Where there was formerly an area of comfort for a doctor – for the simple fact of being a doctor – there is no such thing today. Medical professionals are surprised every day with questions from their patients, whether children, youngsters or adults, for we are connected in actual time to information. Good tuning between doctors and patients is what will outline the success of a given treatment, whatever it may be.

The “Flexible Minds” Project shows that despite the advances in science, we are all made of the same chemical, psychological, and emotional elements, and, in fact, share the same aspirations and desires. We thus deserve a truly open and genuine relationship during the time we are together here on Earth.