A Brief Overview of “Little Doctor”


Before our very eyes, walking down the very same streets, while we lead our common, ordinary lives, other stories take place, in quite a different tone.

An unexpected fact altered the predictable rhythm of Alexandre’s life, at age 12. A new reality imposed itself, and lent a completely different dimension to what there was to dream, to know, and live through.

Based on the experience felt as a mother, the author invites us, readers, to share moments of joy and sorrow that involve and touch us, precisely because of the particular and truthful way with which she tells her story. “Little Doctor” is a true story, a remarkable, deeply moving book. With utmost sensitivity and frankness, Graziela Gilioli de-mystifies the stigma of serious diseases, and great losses.

In the book, the author talks about the period of suffering and anguish she experienced with her oldest son, Marcelo, and Alexandre, and about how, both mother and sons, found a new, true sense to life.

Alexandre lived his life with wisdom, and would have been a doctor, were it not for the fate that took him to another world. Among the many teachings that this little doctor left us, one is particularly worth mentioning a good doctor listens to a patient, sometimes with his ears, sometimes with his eyes – but always with a heart.